A record attempt succeeded


Ride of Hope powered by Cyclecomponents, now have the fastest time on Vätternrundan! The 30 mile was run in 6 hours 37 minutes!

A distance of 30 mil in a incredible time of 6:37 hour gives an average of 46 km / h, and those who achieved this was Magnus Bäckstedt, Christofer Stevenson, Alexander Gingsjö, Niklas Gustavsson and Johan Svensson. Thanks also to Marcus Larsson, Peter Carlsson, Ted Ås, Tennce Carlsson, Robert Larsson, Marcus Porath, and everyone else in the group who helped made this possible!

The entire record could be followed in real time thanks to the Trackntrace.

Signs an agreement with the Norwegian Royal Yacht Association


Trackntrace in Norway has signed an exclusive agreement with Kongelig Norsk Båtforbund (KNBF). KNBF consists of over 200 sailing clubs with more than 30,500 members. The agreement gives members of KNBF opportunity to buy several varieties of Trackntrace tracking products adapted for marine use. Trackntrace products provide great opportunities for our customers to monitor and track their equipment through computer and mobile worldwide. Combined with alarm and SOS function the units fits ideal for boats, lone workers and activities. Trackntrace has repeatedly saved people and goods throughout Europe and one of the most written in Scandinavia is when one of our products helped to save the lives of two Norwegian sailors when their boat sank in bad weather. Read more about the effort here: http://www.sb.no/nyheter/rune-52-takker-svoger-og-gps-for-livet-1.6533115

Trackntrace sponsrar Barncancerfonden


Trackntrace sponsors the Children's Cancer Fund and becomes the active long-term partner of the Ride of Hope.

Childhood Cancer Foundation is run entirely by donations from individuals and businesses, and get no contribution from either the state, municipality or county. Since its startup in 1982, the Children's Cancer Foundation contributes to research in pediatric cancer by more than a billion dollars. The direct contact with cancer-affected children and parents is done through six regional children's cancer clinics. Together, childhood cancer clinics and the Children's Cancer Foundation work effectively with both direct efforts at the local level and with general issues in research, care and education and information.

Ride of Hope is a way to raise money for the fund. Ride of Hope has completed the race Lund to Stockholm since 2008 with great success and the goal has been to build a charity run with much emotion and joy.

Record attempt in Vätternrundan in the fight against childhood cancer.

15-16 June is the 47th edition of the bicycle race Vätternrundan. This year, the Ride of Hope will participate with its own team which includes professional cyclist Magnus Backstedt. The team, Ride of Hope powered by Cycle Components are attempting to break their own records and succeed in riding the entire distance of 300 kilometers in 6 hours and 40 minutes.

Ride of Hope is a bike race that 2012 starts on Saturday 4 August in Lund and end on the 12th of Stockholm, a distance of a total of 1250 kilometers.

Ride any distance between Lund and Stockholm, participate in one or more stages or a portion of a leg. Ride of Hope is a bike race of 1250 km with a lot of commitment and feeling. It lasts for nine summer days and pass five of Sweden's six children's cancer clinics. All you have to do is choose one of these days and how far you want to ride. Why not bring friends or family?

Ride of Hope has during the first 4 years raised over 2.3 million (SEK) to Children's Cancer and had almost 3,000 take-offs.

Trackntrace are proud partners and challenge all customers, partners and suppliers to start in this, Sweden's most important bicycle race!

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den 22 augusti 2012

Trackntrace in Hong Kong


Trackntrace are attending this year’s HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair in Hong Kong between 13-16 April.

den 14 juni 2012

Trackntrace signs cooperation agreement with Boomslang Instruments and their brand PFO


PFO is a new brand, a new category, and represents a new behavior. It is a Protective Fashion Object, it´s the worlds first fashion accessory with GPS. PFO One is the first of PFO's personal alarm bracelets with GPS. Designed by acclaimed Swedish designer Oscar Magnuson, the bracelet conceals military technology developed by engineers of fighter jet navigation systems. By pulling the GPS bracelet, you send an alarm message with a webmap of your live location. Until then, it is just a normal, albeit very cool, bracelet designed for active people.
Trackntrace offers global positioning services to companies, organizations and individuals. We have developed a powerful positioning tool in close collaboration with hardware manufacturers. Our combined services and products provide a unique offering to our customers. Our concept is based on simplicity and a system that anyone can handle. Through our portal, our customers access one of the market's most powerful tools for positioning, making the possibility that at any time via our Web site to track what you want whether it's a vehicle, freight value object or a person. Our system supports both GPS pucks as cell phones and PDA s.
The cooperation between Trackntrace and PFO, provides a comprehensive offering to our joint customers that is unique in its kind. The hardware and design from PFO along with software and applications from Trackntrace. The cooperation starts with PFO One but will in the coming years develop into several new products.
PFO, a Swedish fashionista brand for women owned by Boomslang Instruments with a distinctive brand image. Taking inspiration from the fashion and design PFO have combined a mix of design, technology and service, and created a new product category and a new approach to security. The goal is to provide greater security for women without compromising their independence. PFO was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Stockholm. For more information about PFO and its products, please visit www.pfoinc.com
Trackntrace has been working on the development and production of the system since January 2006. In the spring of 2006, the market's first commercial Tracker was released and appeared on electronics fair CES in Las Vegas, USA. For the first time there was an opportunity to develop and build an application that could be placed on a hardware that was at an attractive price and with a great functionality. The company was founded by five cornerstones. From the start, there was the experience and knowledge required of Marketing, Distribution, Development, Trade and Telecommunications. Trackntrace headquarters are based in Gothenburg. For more information about Trackntrace please visit www.trakk.eu